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Window & Door Fitting

Greenage is a fully qualified team which can assist with any window installations and door fittings. We specialise in using Accoya wood and Low-E Glass, to maximise your energy-efficiency.

Below are a list of window/door types we work with:

  • Standard Casement Frame
  • Stormproof Frame
  • Sliding Sash 
  • French Doors
  • In-Line Patios
  • External Door + Frames with 3 point locking
  • All come with Friction Hinges and Key Locking System
  • All handmade in our own workshop and all made to measure specific

All windows and doors are installed by fully trained fitters

Timbers that we Supply

Swedish Softwoods
Far Eastern Hardwood

RAL Paint Colours

We have a wide range of window/door paints available. Additional costs apply for extra colours that are not as standard.

  • ► Pebble Grey

  • ► Pale Green

  • ► Olive Green

  • ► Blue Grey
  • ► Reed Green

  • ► Cream

  • ► Wine Red

  • ► Graphite Grey

Fixtures & Fittings

Window handles available from our suppliers.

Door handles available from our suppliers.

Metal finishes available from our suppliers.

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Material Supply - Accoya Wood

Accoya wood is a world leading, high technology, long life wood. It is 75 years’ worth of research and development which has resulted in an extensive wood modification technique using an acetylated solution with leading-edge patented technology. This new wood is now commercially available globally, and has properties which exceed the best hardwoods and treated woods. Furthermore its manufacturing lifecycle is completely sustainable, even for applications which are presently produced by non-sustainable materials.

Already the preferred material for a wide range of outdoor applications, Accoya is ideal for windows, doors, cladding, decking, large structures and much more. For window frames, not only does Accoya have exceptionally low thermal conductivity, but its durability, dimensional stability and environmental advantages match, or surpass, the best hardwoods.

Why We Use Accoya Wood

Long Lasting Durability

Virtually rot proof, Accoya wood will last over 50yrs above ground and 25yrs in ground/freshwater.

Dimensionally Stable

Swelling & shrinkage is reduced by 75% or more over standard woods, leaving your windows opening effortlessly for years.

Excellent Machinability

Accoya wood is easy to machine and process manually, creating no challenges for product manufacturers and end users.

Consistent High Quality

Maintains consistent quality from surface to core, and requires no preservatives when cut or planed.

Naturally Insulating

Offers unbeatable natural insulation in comparison with most commonly used woods.

Non-Toxic & Recyclable

The manufacturing process is non-toxic and adds nothing to the wood that does not already naturally occur in it, plus can be safely reused and recycled.

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Material Supply - Energy-Efficient Glazing

Double glazing reduces the amount of energy that is lost in your home because of the gap between the two panes of glass. A typical double glazed unit fills the gap with air to generate a barrier between the inside of your property and the outside. Due to this, it is harder for heat to be transferred to the outside world. These are products that we can supply to you to enhance your double glazing efficiency.

Our Double Glazing Products
Combine Three Innovative Technologies

Argon filled double glazing

The air in the gap between panes is filled with Argon gas to retain more heat within a property.


Various glass products put together to suit your needs, from toughened to self cleaning.


A protective coating on window glass to help keep the heat inside from escaping to improve energy-efficiency.

Glass Options

The majority of windows in your house will be clear glass, however some requirements may opt for self cleaning or energy efficient glass.
Both these can add value and benefits. For decorative applications the following styles are available.

In certain applications obscure glass is required. The following styles are available.

Grade 2 Listed Building Consent - We will do the hard work for you

Before planning to extend or demolish a building, you will need to check with your local authority Conservation Officer to see whether consent is needed for your plans. We can help and get the consent you need for work on listed buildings.
For more information follow the links below.

English Heritage Information

Government Planning Portal

Calderdale Planning Page