Frequently Asked Questions

Services and Products FAQ's

Below we have put together a selection of FAQ's we often get asked regarding our services and products we use.
If you still have any questions you would like to ask, please simply contact us.

We are based in Todmorden and work all around West Yorkshire and Lancashire including Burnley, Rochdale, Hebden Bridge and Halifax.
Yes! For your free no obligation quotation please simply contact us.
A site visit is always necessary to ensure specific measurements and quotations for each job.
Any you require! We are known to specialise in Accoya Wood, however we can provide a wide range of alternative products to suit your requirments.
Yes! We can either install windows/ glass that you have already bought or we can supply ourselves.
Accoya wood is a cutting-edge type of modified wood which exceeds all other hardwoods in durability, sustainability and eco-friendliness. For more information see our Accoya Wood page.
Regardless what the material is used for, hardwood will outlast softwood by far. However, depending on the circumstances, a well-maintained softwood asset may outlast a poorly maintained hardwood asset.
Even cutting-edge Accoya wood technology benefits from being well-maintained from either undercoat priming or preservative staining. Well-maintained Accoya can last up to 90 years.
Yes, Argon is an inert, colourless, odourless, non-toxic gas that can be used to fill the cavity between the panels of glass. Argon is six times heavier than normal air and therefore improves the thermal performance of the unit by drastically slowing down heat loss.
This is a particularly useful product in rooms with a lot of glass, such as a conservatory. A coating is applied to the glass which is activated by UV light. Dirt on the glass is then broken down by the coating, making organic and inorganic dirt unable to 'stick' to the windows. When it rains, the rain drops pick up the dirt and wash it off. Genius! As with all of our glazing systems, you can choose to add the self-cleaning option to your specification, combining energy-efficiency with hassle-free clean windows.
For any additional questions you may have, please simply contact us.